Information Collected by does not itself routinely collect or store any information about visitors to this site.

Information Collected by Third Parties on Behalf of

The following third party collects and stores information about visitors to this site at my behest:

Google Analytics

Information about what type of data is collected by Google can be found in their privacy policy: .

Usage data collected by Google Analytics is used to understand things like what kind of content my visitors find the most interesting, what platforms and browsers visitors are using to access this site, and to understand where visitors are coming from. This information is not personally identifiable and I cannot use it to track one specific user.

If you would like to opt out of Google Analytics tracking, Google offers an addon to do so: .

Third Party Sites Contacted by relies on resources hosted by third parties who may or may not collect information about anyone connecting to those resources.

Disqus uses Disqus for comments. No resources are loaded from Disqus until the user voluntarily chooses to do so by clicking on the “load comments” button at the bottom of a post. Disqus’ privacy policy is available at


Posts from Twitter may occasionally be included in posts to Resources are loaded from Twitter automatically. BootstrapCDN’s privacy policy is avaiblable at

BootstrapCDN uses BootstrapCDN for its responsive CSS framework. Resources are loaded from BootstrapCDN automatically. BootstrapCDN’s privacy policy is avaiblable at

FontAwesome uses FontAwesome for icons. Resources are loaded from FontAwesome automatically. FontAwesome’s privacy policy is avaiblable at

Google Fonts uses FontAwesome for one font. Resources are loaded from Google Fonts automatically. Google’s privacy policy is avaiblable at


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